Color is vital to set a film's mood, and we’re adamant on our color correction. That’s why we use state-of-the-art Davinci Resolve panels and perfectly calibrated Flanders monitors to achieve pixel perfect color. With our large color bay, directors, cinematographers and colorists can work side-by-side to achieve your films final look.


In Detail:


- Color grading/correction

- Client review

- Deliverables

- Digital Cinema

- TV Broadcast (SD/HD)

- DVD/Blu-Ray


Editing isn’t just knowing when to cut, but why to cut, to better tell your story. Our expert editors work alongside directors and cinematographers to help creatively problem-solve. Whether it’s a feature film, TV series, commercial or documentary, we have the latest tools and know-how to bring your story to life. Our flexible per-project pipelines make post-production more efficient and stress-free.



- AVID Media Composer

- Adobe Premiere Pro

- Final Cut X



Amazing visuals help capture viewers attention, but great audio brings them into your world. At OFG we offer complete sound packaging for any project, big or small. With our state-of-the-art audio bay, we’re fully equipped to handle all your project's needs including scoring, recording, mixing, and mastering. We also have union sound designers on staff to help with audio at any stage in production.


In Detail:

- Avid ProTools (S3 Control Surface)

- Adobe Audition

- Genelec SAM 5.1 surround

Motion Graphics​

Animation is another powerful tool to help communicate with your audience. With our in-house designers, we can help design and craft pre-vis animatics, character animations, lower-thirds, title cards, or anything else your production might need. Whether 2D or 3D, hand-crafted or digital, we can create anything your production might need.

In Detail:

- After Effects

- Cinema 4D

- Maya


Our work can be inspiring or imperceptible, but always exceptional. With our ever evolving production pipe-lines, we’re able to scale up and down to handle any production, while maintaining the highest quality. Our multi-talented artists efficiently use industry standard programs such as Nuke, Maya, and After Effects to meet any visual effects needs.


In Detail:

- Compositing


- Rotoscoping

- Clean-up (rig removal, beauty fixes)

- Matte Painting (set extensions, environments)


Final delivery is a critical but exciting last step for your film. Using the latest ISDCF standards, we help ensure your films quality and integrity while creating the final deliverables. We’ve delivered projects to international film festivals, television networks, and movie theatres. At OFG, we can deliver packages in multiple industry standard formats, such as:

In Detail:

- Digital Mezzanine Files

- DVD/BD Screeners

- Digital Cinema Delivery Masters (DCM)

- Digital Cinema Packages (DCP)

- HDCAM SR Masters

Worldwide Connectivity


Working with our partner, Sohonet, we are now part of a scalable, ultra-high bandwidth network that allows OFG to quickly deliver large files to hundreds of locations around the world. As part of Sohonet’s future-proofed fiber networks, we are able to transfer your valuable and critical content fast, avoiding the dangers and inconsistencies of the Internet to radically improve workflow. As the only Metro Area Network in the entire Midwest for Sohonet, we specialize in solutions that are flexible, dynamic, and tailored specifically to the requirements of our clients, giving them access to a private, global media network which connects to over 400 industry leading studios and production houses.

Digital Storage & Security


Together with our media and IT specialists, we have worked to develop a high-performance pipeline that supports current and future projects up to 8K resolution. With today’s video formats, project data can accumulate fast and requires you to quickly scale on-demand. All digital media formats are stored on redundant secure storage servers for active and archived projects.


OFG stores data for long-term archiving with LTO tapes for data redundancy on and off-site. OFG ensures around the clock engineering and tech support from our dedicated team members. We work hand-in-hand with producers and supervisors to guarantee the quality, integrity and security of your data.


We put digital security among our highest priorities and work to ensure we operate with high security, low risk-factors and trusted equipment and professionals.

Viewing Theatre

OFG in partnership with Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD)  has built a brand new Dolby Atmos certified 4K-mix theater. With this 100-seat theater, you can accurately assess how your film will sound and look, in the comfort and privacy of our independent viewing room.

In Detail

- Christie CP 4200 4K Digital Cinema Projector

- Dolby DSS200i+CAT745 digital cinema server

- Dolby CP850 digital cinema audio processor

- Crestron DMMD8X8 Switcher

- Crestron DMC4KHD HD Input Card for OM Switchers

- Crestron DMC4KC 8G+ OM Input Cardxs

- Crestron DMC4KHDO 2HDMI Output Card

- Extron 60107501 HAE100 HDMI Audio De-Embedder

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